“Schafstall” yard


“Schafstall” yard is the place where “Ventus Family” meets

and where you can also find the old sheepfold (Alter Schafstall), our multi-purpose room (T-Haus), the office, a small conference house, our common kitchen, different workshops, the school garden and the sports room.

In “T-Haus” we have meetings every morning from Monday to Friday in which each person (employees and children) explains what they plan to do and hope to achieve during the day.

These are held through some resilience exercises that make us easily focus on the positive aspects of life and that turn this eventually into a habit.

At noon we have lunch together made in the common kitchen by our cook, who, with help of our children and adolescents, prepares healthy, well-balanced, fresh and high-quality dishes.

In “T-Haus” there is also the opportunity for the community to play, discover and relax.

We also organize several events during the year such as culture brunches, Christmas fairs, open house day or full moon festivals.

in “Schafstall” we created a comfy sports room in which several courses are offered during the week. More information regarding these courses will be found by clicking on the “Events” option.