Youth Welfare

Ventus e.V –

Sensitive appreciation of nature and culture.

We are a non-profit association that cohabit with and in nature.

In our Individual Pedagogical Home Group (IWG, by its German acronym) live eight children and young people.

Living with and in nature and animals is an integrated part of our “Being – together” concept and represents a key aspect of our several activities and the dynamic of our association.

A closer look at our homes will lead you to discover some of our projects

organized by different people or working groups. – We are looking forward to the involvement, support and engagement of children and young people!

Joy and fun are the main aspects during group activities!

Information for the Youth Welfare Office (Jugendamt):

We focus on children and young people with “characteristics” that make their path difficult to be accepted in other centers. In order to tackle that issue and based on our concept, we make efforts to provide an “own place” in which, through encourage and a complete, personalized and objective-oriented assistance, we develop a system of coexistence with harmonious routine plans.

We are a state-approved Carrier of the Youth Welfare Service Organization (freier Träger der Jugendhilfe by its German name) and our Individual Pedagogical Home Group has eight places available to provide a non-stop assistance for children and young people (under Articles 34, 35[a], 41 of the SGB VIII) carried out by our qualified staff.

We also offer individual assistance on request.